In Honor of the Victims and Survivors of Typhoon Yolanda

I couldn’t help but cry after seeing the devastation in the Philippines. My heart shattered as I read each tragic story of families of the survivors finding the bodies of their loved ones, many of them had their arms tightly embracing the bodies of their children as if hoping their own bodies will protect them from the flood water and debris. Winds and current so strong they ripped children from the clutches of their parents. Heartbreaking stories of families having to abandon dying family members so they could save the ones that are still alive. Or stories of helplessly watching their loved ones slowly die from injuries sustained from the storm. Thousands of stories of survival and death… too many to fathom.

The aftermath is another nightmare, especially for the survivors. The hunger, thirst, and lack of medical supplies and facilities added another dimension to their tragedy. Not to mention the rampant looting and crime – the by product of the basic human instinct to survive. In cities and towns with no government or police, residents claim they are living in a state of “anarchy.” Help cannot come fast enough for those living in this nightmare.

It will take years to get over the devastation of this magnitude. The survivors will have to rebuild their lives with or without their loved ones. How can they go on with their lives?

I am very blessed and fortunate that my family and friends survived the storm. My heart goes out to the others here in the US whose families did not.

One thing I know is the strength and resilience of the Filipino people — my people. Filipinos fought and survived the suppression and tyranny of cruel colonizers of yesteryears. They came together as a community after every natural disaster, and political upheaval. That is where the strength in spirit of the Filipino people came from. I am confident the Philippines will get through this.

Please take a moment of silence and say a prayer for my people.

CNN has a list of ways to help the survivors.

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